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Organic Fertilizers Market– Global Industry Insights, Trends And Forecast – 2017 To 2025

Increasing demand for pollution free and green agricultural products has given rise to the demand for organic fertilizers market. The lexicon “organic’ has become an appealing trend in the modern agriculture and is generating a buzz in the market for fertilizers. Augmented demand for organic food along with the rapid development trend of using organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers is expected to intensify the demand for organic fertilizers market. Organic fertilizers are made from the waste of animal, human and waste vegetable matter mostly, which are non-consumable or rotten. Naturally-occurring organic fertilizers entails animal matter from slurries, meat processing industries, peat and guano. This helps in reducing environmental damage as these organic fertilizers are mined from substances that are naturally-occurring in the nature. Organic fertilizers also reduce the chances of diseases in human beings as most of the fertilizers reach to human food from one way or the another. Some of the common organic fertilizers available in the market are bone meal, blood meal, earthworm castings, composites, fish emulsion, bat guano, feather meal, rock phosphate and alfalfa meal among others. Organic fertilizers are used according to the need of various nutrients for the crop.

The organic fertilizers market is expected to witness a sturdy growth during the forecast period from 2018 – 2025 owing to favorable observation from the farmers as well as government support such as price subsidies for using organic fertilizers as well as for setting up of organic fertilizer manufacturing unit. The production process of organic fertilizers as opposed to chemical fertilizer is slower and takes more time, however, production of organic fertilizers needs less investment and reaps high benefits. The above-mentioned reason is expected to drive the market for organic fertilizers in the near future. Additionally, the government of many nations have laid down subsidies in favor of the price of organic fertilizers such as the government of India under National Project on Organic Farming (NPFO) has agreed to provide financial assistance for setting up organic fertilizer manufacturing unit.. However, the production of organic fertilizers is heavily dependent upon the climate of the region thus, it can restraint the market growth of these fertilizers. Additionally, lower presence of nutrient in organic fertilizers as compared to chemical fertilizers can further hamper the market growth.

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North America is expected to hold a prime market share in the organic fertilizers market owing to availability of vast land for farming and suitable climatic conditions. Some of the major players in the market are Uniflor, Multiplex Group, CropAgro, BioSTAR Organics and Italpollina SPA among others.

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